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Every 10 minutes a child is orphaned or abandoned in Kenya. Coupled with a broken system, those who are orphaned or abandoned must often endure pain and hardship beyond what a child should ever come to know.


Currently, we have partnered with a school in the slums to help them move into a larger building. With more space, the school will be better equipped to educate their students. We know that education is the best shot that these children have at pulling themselves out of poverty and granting them an opportunity to change the lives of generations to come.

It is systemic change that is required for long-term progress in the cause for the orphaned and abandonded. Therefore, we are working to support Kenyan partners and leaders in the community who are already working to better the lives of those children, and gifting them the tools they need to continue to do the work that is impacting their communities for the greater good. 

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