Back in 2016, Luv Way saw the need for the children of Kenya to be discipled and learn the Word of God on a weekly basis. Today, hundreds of children and teenagers in more than 6 different Kenyan settlements can step out of their life struggles to visit a Luv Way Bible Club in their area. With the partnership of various churches and local volunteers, weekly Saturday Bible Clubs provide a warm meal, a safe place, and the Good News of God’s love to every child and teenager in the area, regardless of their financial ability, religious belief or denomination. Using various teaching guides, visuals and methodologies, we intentionally disciple these children in the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ.


In Kabuku, the families mainly work in the flower farms and do not earn much. Being the first Luv Way Bible Club, Kabuku Bible Club has met the needs of these family’s children for several years. From starting at the local church, to currently being held in the teacher’s home, an average of 60 children from under 10 to 14 years of age attend the Saturday and Sunday sessions. In August 2018, Luv Way also facilitated a Vocational Bible School program in Kabuku, serving up to 120 children and 40 teens for 5 consecutive days.


In February 2018, news of the Kabuku Bible Club had gotten out to a children’s church in Dandora, who reached out to our team to start another one in their area. This is a slum area with children coming from poor, needy and sometimes abusive backgrounds. After partnering with said church, Dandora Bible Club has been servicing up to 90 children and 15 teenagers every Saturday. Our teachers are seeing a significant changes and transformations of the children and parents in the area, thanks to the Bible Club. During the school holidays, Dandora Bible Club also provides Vocational Bible Schools, Teen’s Week, etc. to ensure the children and teenagers are safe in this crime-infested region.



In May 2018, Luv Way partnered with Uplifted Ministries to provide a Bible Club in the town of Gacharage. The families in this area have generally moved looking for work in construction & farm work. Our teachers serve up to 45 children and teenagers in the Saturday classes. The children in this community not only love learning weekly, they also love the opportunity to be transported to another nearby Vocational Bible School held by Luv Way during the school holidays.



Being the one of the youngest Luv Way Bible Club, Mombasa still has a lot of opportunity to grow. In this coastal town of Mombasa, the children spend their time on the beach, collecting cowrie shells or selling groundnuts. After partnering with a church in Mtwapa, Mombasa Bible Club was born, serving up to 60 children and teenagers every Saturday. Because the children in this area are unable to communicate well in English, our teachers mainly teach in Kiswahili. This young Bible Club has high hopes of being financially able to provide school holiday events for the children, like the other bible clubs.


Another one of our youngest Luv Way Bible Clubs resides in one of the biggest slums of Kenya. The general area of Mathare is one of abject poverty, riddled with murk, dirt and neglect. After partnering with a local church and training their Sunday school teachers, Mathare Bible Club was born in January 2019. Mathare Bible Club serves up to 52 children every Saturday. This young Bible Club also has high hopes of being financially able to provide school holiday events for the children, like the other bible clubs.