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March 7, 2017


In each situation...

In every circumstance...

May it all become and be seen as an opportunity of life and one in LOVE.


I am continually encouraged by this way of thought, belief and opportunity and in the same I find myself just as confronted and tested leaving more and more room for me to be convinced and re convicted of relating truths. More often than not, things are initially easier said than done as the transfer from the mind to the heart and hands another outworking requiring an even deeper activated faith. This past week and a half has been full, challenging and yet an exciting one, as I had the opportunity to not only to spend time getting to know the mamas here at the home, continued connecting with staff and the lead for further insight in their vision and the implementation of specific programs sought and also began my first couple of days with the preschool class which is located on the compound. This last week also hosted the first meeting to do some informative trainings with the mamas. The first training was Wednesday morning discussing the Moringa Leaf, also known as the Miracle Plant. (Further reading on this tree and the opportunity shared below.) The week also left much room for me to press in, press into the Lord who is my strength. It is He who has carried me though and into these powerful places of opportunity, encounter and love by His sufficient grace, watchcare and love alone. Heaven only knows the heights and depths He goes to care for His children. I am amazed time and time again as I watch His committed hand do just that and by faith, trust His heart when I don't see His plan.



 'When you judge someone on their diagnosis, you miss out on their abilities, beauty and uniqueness.'


Even when they sneak my phone to take photos and dig around in my bag (without permission) to see what goodies I may have brought for them, I am so proud of this hilarious, smart and loving 7 year old. He and his twin both are simply amazing! 



Saturday included time at the village with the children as they held their bible club that evening one of the empty houses. The room was full of praise and worship as I reminded them of songs we learned in the past, they taught the others and then taught me a few new songs in ki-swahili. A pastor from the local church they occasionally attend also paid a visit and was with us. I look forward to returning for next Saturday’s evening of praise. As the evening ended and Sunday morning arrived, I was picked up in town by the village driver where I was greeted with a Land Cruiser full of 25 children and 2 mamas! It was an incredible and life-giving way to start the day, not to mention just as incredible that I managed to fit into the vehicle with them and we didn't get pulled over. I am thankful for the allowances to be with them as they went off to Sunday school as the mamas and I on into chapel for service. I am eager to travel to their other local church this Sunday with the other mamas to worship and fellowship together. The following day arrangements were made to have me return to the village where we would meet with 2 of the mums with handicap children in need of some PT aid. The team of 2 physical therapists from GPN would be volunteering their time to come met the children in need and begin to bring fourth recommendations and suggestions for implementation. We were all looking forward to meeting them and already thankful their time with us.



'Nina Furaha Sana!' There are few things what would top waking to these amazing faces than to go to Sunday school and worship with them and their mums.  One voice, one song, different languages yet still one God, King and Lord. The gift of this, its sound and its beauty keeps me in awe. Although we failed the attempt to get 25 children to smile at once, we managed to get a photo out of our morning. 



“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father in Heaven.” -

James 1:17 







Moringa Oleifera• This miracle plant is loaded with minerals, essential amino acids and nutrients which are not found in most foods nor found at these high levels. Moringa has been around for an incredibly long time yet remains unknown to many. It truly is a gift to mankind and what I call a Tanzania Treasure and global gem! I have used Moringa myself for sometime and after becoming more educated on its benefits, various uses and its both preventive and restoring properties for various health conditions. I have been thrilled to find it goes hand in hand with my personal health journey which has lead to my use as well as passionate pursuits in areas of personal and global holistic wellness and nutrition. It has been a hope to get the good news and knowledge out (beginning with my friends and family) and as having the leading overseas, it has brought me to connect with children's homes here in Tanzania. After experiencing first hand some unfortunate gaps in nutrition education, aid, as well as medical limitations and availability in many areas in this country, and after having volunteered at an orphanage and visited couple others during my last visit; the stories of loss and damage, primarily sourced from malnutrition and other medical challenges, has created desires to advocate and partner in ways I am equipped to indoor to shed any encouragement knowledge of this plant. This one of a few other areas of wellness I am drawn to along the way.


It was a pleasure to be invited to spend the morning with a few of the mums at the children's village I am currently with as we learn together and share how this leaf powder harvested here in Africa, (Moringa is taken in many forms as the entire plant is near fully useful and edible) can aid in the growth of their children as well as support those who are living with HIV, malnutrition and Neurological disorders such and Epilepsy. According to African Indian and other Indigenous cultures, Moringa has been used to treat over 300 diseases, including the following: Diabetes, Detoxification, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Bronchitis, Eye and Ear infections, Worms, Anemia, Obesity, Prostate Issues, Infertility challenges, and as mentioned above HIV, AIDS and Epilepsy. All of these very common diseases and disorders afflicted on many, typically limiting them from thriving and others prevented from being accepted into their communities, schools and even families. I am thankful for their welcome and interest as I anticipate our next gathering with the other mamas this week. How wonderful it would be to not only see this available in the homes at this village for daily use but also in more children's homes with potential to harvest their own. I am just as encouraged, eager and hopeful to for American’s and other counties to discover and experience more of the natural aid accessible to us all, even in the states!


We are always learning and always growing.  Whether sharing ones education, experience, wisdom or faith, I love that we can do it together, encourage each other and believe in fruitfulness to come. I am that much more inspired and thankful we were never created to do it alone but rather created and made to benefit, sharpen, grow, build up one another and unite together. 




Thank you all for the continued prayer and support in believing in what is happening out here in Mwanza Tanzania both in and through the lives of us all! Please continue to be in prayer on behalf of:


*The health of Jonah, young boy with severe medical conditions who has been having a tougher week

*The mamas and I as we continue our Moringa gatherings this week and as they follow up with the PT guidance given
*For weather mercies and travel safety

*For God to continue to move in the lives of these young children and them to be receptive to His workings

*For my continued receptivity as I continue to prepare material for gatherings and training as well as remain open to Heaven's agenda and will over all


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