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January 13, 2017






The call continues. Whether you are just tuning into following the past 8 months of blogging on the 3.5 months in Africa last summer, or are continuing to keep up, 'Karibu,' welcome! This post will briefly catch you up and provide details on the continued mission moving forward and where that positions me in the months to come. 

1st Trip (May to September, 2016) - “Visionary Trip” : God has put Africa on my heart since a child. I was clearly called by God to go last May, so in faith obediently I went. I partnered with Life Pacific College for two weeks in villages located in the Mt. Kenya Region of Kenya. I continued independently on to the village of Kipkaren where I partnered with the Living Room Intl at their Kimbilio Hospice for 3 weeks. From here, I concluded the time at Forever Angles in Mwanza, Tanzania where I spent 2.5 months at their children’s home working with abandoned and orphaned children. While there, I experienced life in Tanzania; known to be one of the most peaceful countries but also found to be one of the poorest with a staggering amount of street children and a large number of those with special needs and disabilities. Already having a heart for those with medical limitations and handicaps, I discovered my desire to draw along side the special need children of Tanzania and be a voice on their behalf. While at the baby home in the town of Mwanza, by nothing short of divine design was I able to begin to share the word of God, gospel of Jesus and hope found in Him with about 14 of the older children as I led Sunday school once a week. Most had not known such a love and sharing just that became a continued mission throughout the days. This is also where after many long days of prayer and outreach to bring clarity to my role then and looking forward, even if only to the next step. Doors opened in perfect time in confirming advocating on behalf of these children; imparticularly the ones with disabilities who had significantly been placed on my heart and one which was struggling daily for stability in his 5 year health journey. The discontentment and profound lack of peace in their reality and this boys life and circumstances was coming on a consistently high level. The awareness unavoidable and was what ended up propelling the remainder of my time with them. What was seen was enough, I knew walking away and simply hoping someone else would step in on behalf of these beloved was just not an option. 


2nd trip (February to April, 2017) -  It is my joy and honor to find extending from my visionary trip, God has opened doors at a new home in Tanzania where I have been invited to partner with them for 2-3 months. I will begin the trip with Luvway and their team as they continue to invest in their partnerships working with abandoned and orphaned children in Kahawa West, Kenya. I will continue on after a week to Tanzania to advocate for a few boys I met prior, and help improve the quality of life for all children in this village. When there I plan to: 


Partner by coming along side this new children's home with encouragement, supportive prayer and availability to supporting their visions of enrichment in the children’s lives for a hope-filled future.


Provide Holistic/nutritional care by bringing fourth holistic guidance, credited recommendations and perspectives; primarily in areas of nutrition for those with medical needs and disabilities, all with desire they develop into greater areas of foundational interest and investment for the village.


Further advocate on behalf of those with special needs, specifically the life of the young 5 year old boy dear to heart who is in a more critical condition, fighting for medical stability and his life.


Continue to share the love of God and the hope we have in the Lord Jesus Christ including spiritual guidance and formation. 

Long term - Specifics of long term have not all been given by God at this time, as this is God’s plan. But, I will continue to remain watchful and receptive as I listen, and see how God desires me to partner long term with Him in Africa advocating for children and specifically the special need and disabled orphaned children of Tanzania; each trip brings a new insight to God’s grandeur plan.


After all, God didn't give us anything to join but Himself and Jesus didn't say what would happen when they 'the people and followers' got there; He just invited people to come. - Bob Goff



The once a week 'Sunday' school often turned into further reading time in the garden with those eager to learn more about 'Yesu' Jesus, His committed love, promises and desire for relation with them. 


Piggy back rides on Mama Lacey 

 Uniquely Jonah

Love God and Love others 


Craft Days


Pizza outing with volunteers in town to celebrate the older boys before their move to the new children's village 

Luvway and their board have continued to invite me to partner with them as a missionary carrying out the vision and mission we share of working with abandoned and orphan children in Africa. As they continue their partnerships in Kenya I will do the same with those I have been led to draw along side of in Tanzania. If led to support the ministry in Tanzania by financially contributing to my next trip, your donation will go directly to funding my housing, transportation and daily basic needs in country. You can give on this page under donate or through the donate tab under ‘Missionary 1.' I currently have $1,500 remaining to raise, as my departure date has been set for the 4th of February.  Thank you and God Bless.



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