COVID-19 Emergency Response Program

As is the case in many parts of the world, the coronavirus is disrupting the lives of so many in Kenya. The government in Kenya is asking the people to practice social distancing and to stay home unless they are an essential worker. There is likely to be no government aid or programs created/existing to fill in the gap for families who are unable to work. Most of these families already live in desperate situations and not being able to leave their homes for work will create disastrous consequences. I believe in times of crisis, we as the church need to do what we can in order to help. In response, we are creating a temporary, three month program where we can adopt families, in the communities that we work in, who will be impacted by the coronavirus and will have no income to purchase food. 


Since our Bible Clubs cannot meet, our team will pivot to fulfill this pressing need and distribute food to the families in our program while sharing the hope we have in Christ. 

The cost to feed a family is approximately $55 per month. So in total, for one family, we would need to raise $165 for the 3 month period. Our food packages will include the following: rice, cooking fat/oil, sugar, soap, grains/cereals, and charcoal. 

Please prayerfully consider joining us in this fight. Donate online through clicking the "Join Us" button on this page and write "COVID-19 Response" in the comments section to designate your funds to this operation.


Thank you all for your consideration in this and for your support.